Welcome to the Harmony Enterprise Modeling Project

What this site is about

This is a site for a project called Harmony Enterprise Modeling Project aimed at creating a set of diverse enterprise models for the company called Harmony Inside AB. The site contains material relevant for this project. The site is dynamics and will expand as the needs arrive.

Project initiation

Consulting company ST Transformer AB has got a commission from  Harmony Inside AB to model their business from different perspective that could be used to explicate already taken decision, and serves as a basis for continuing decision-making.  Harmony Inside is a new company driven by two entrepreneurs Sofia and Jeanette. They are in the process of moving their business to web.  Erik and Ilia from ST Transformer have met Sofia and Jeanette to discuss their business. The discussion has been recorded, and it is presented in this project site in several fragments.

Material to be used

All materials on which the work is to be done are or will be placed on this site. This includes (recorded) interviews, documents, links to other sites. Basic material, such as literature, videos, lectures are to be found in the Learning Management System (LMS) used in the course

Your role in the project and way of working

Your a trainee (apprentice) at ST Transformer. Your task is build enterprise models based on materials presented on this site and guidance from ST Transformer’s staff. Trainees will be working in groups of up to 3 people under the guidance of a master from ST Transformer, the role which will be filled by the teachers of the course. You will be working together online, having online meetings, and also periodically meet through zoom with your master to discuss your progress.

Educational methodology

In this course we used a methodology called Apprenticeship Simulation (AS). The basic resources that describe it can be found here